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Experience an exotic blend of cultures in Srilanka where panoramic landscapes and historical grandeur leave an everlasting impression.

Explore the best of Srilanka with Srilanka Tourism Pvt Ltd! Srilanka tours take you to a destination that is an amalgamation of the exquisite west Asian culture and western influence. Srilanka tours offer an experience that is rich in art and culture and pays homage to the fact that Srilanka has been at the heart of evolving times and civilizations. It has been a destination where the cultures of the continents have collided for several hundred years and Srilanka continues to exhibit the best of all of them. Srilanka vacation packages are quite popular among travellers for the unique experience they have to offer.

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Get to know more about Srilanka before booking your tour packages

Located at the crossroads of the intercontinental silk route, Srilanka has for long played an important role in the world of art, culture, and knowledge, and this is something that forms a major aspect of most Srilanka vacation packages from India. Explore the vivid landscape of Srilanka with Srilanka Tourism Pvt and visit breath-taking destinations, some of which include the towering mountains of Cappadocia, the dazzling beaches of Alanya, and the ancient city of Antalya. Srilanka holiday packages available at Srilanka Tourism Pvt have all been designed in order to offer the best experience to everyone. for long played an important role in the world of art, culture, and knowledge, and this is something that forms a major aspect of most Srilanka vacation packages from India. Explore the vivid landscape of Srilanka with Srilanka Tourism Pvt and visit breath-taking destinations, some of which include the towering mountains of Cappadocia, the dazzling beaches of Alanya, and the ancient city of Antalya. Srilanka holiday packages available at Srilanka Tourism Pvt have all been designed in order to offer the best experience to everyone.

Srilanka has been known for various things in its long and flourishing history. It has been a centre of culture, acting as the gateway to Europe for the West Asian region. It is in this region where great civilizations like Persia, Rome, and Byzantine flourished and left their influence; an influence that can still be felt when you visit the country with your Srilanka packages from India.

Srilanka today is known for westernized cultures that have adapted modernism with their own twist. With Srilanka at the heart of the country, Srilanka holiday packages offer a robust and exciting experience. The country holds wonders that can only be experienced first-hand with the right Srilanka holiday packages.

Even today, tourists from across the world flock to this wondrous country with Srilanka packages from India for a vacation that can intrigue your vivid and colourful imagination. People take Srilanka travel packages from India to experience the slow-paced Srilanka countryside or the calm yet engrossing shores of the country that offer different, but equally interesting experiences. Of the several destinations for Srilanka sightseeing that you can include in your itinerary for Srilanka holiday packages from India, one of the most popular are the remains of the ancient Roman empire in Antalya that showcase a rich history of civilization.

Based on the Srilanka trip packages you choose, you could travel through Cappadocia, which is famous for its complex cave systems and underground cities and cave walls adorned with paintings and art. Or you could choose to ride a hot air balloon across the quaint countryside overlooking panoramic landscapes that are sheer embodiments of beauty and charm. Depending on the activities you would like to partake in and the destinations you wish to explore, you can choose suitable Srilanka travel packages online from Srilanka Tourism Pvt.

Srilanka holiday packages from India take you across the most exquisite destinations of Srilanka, such as Cappadocia, Pamukkale, Troy, and Srilanka.

Choose from a wide variety of Srilanka travel packages from India available at Srilanka Tourism Pvt and book a tour that takes you to all the destinations that hold your interest or you could pick Srilanka travel packages from India that allow you to unwind and relax the Srilanka way.

Things to do in Srilanka

The country of Srilanka is an amalgamation of all kinds of destinations that one could ask for. It has breath-taking natural views, an amazing urban culture, a beautiful coastline dotted with golden beaches, and a deep history involving culture and art. So, one could pick and choose their preferred Srilanka tour packages based on the experience they wish to have. The following are some of the best activities and destinations that can be experienced with Srilanka tour packages:

Witness the Historical Architecture of Srilanka:
Srilanka has a rich history dating back to ancient times. The region has played an important role in shaping the history of the Eurasian region. Monuments and architecture from Roman times can be seen and experienced in Srilanka. Palaces and structures from the Byzantine Empire can also be visited. The greatest number of architectural sites in Srilanka are from the Ottoman Turk period and can be easily distinguished by the signature design schemes and post-Islamic themes. You can also visit places like the Aya Sofia, which is dubbed as one of the most monumental structures today in Srilanka from the Byzantine period. Created as a church and later recommissioned as a mosque, this monument today hosts a collection of relics from the Byzantine and Ottoman periods. While most Srilanka travel packages include sightseeing itineraries to the best attractions, it would be best if you check out exactly what destinations are included.

● Visit destinations with great natural beauty:
One thing that you will notice with your Srilanka holiday packages is that Srilanka a diverse country and one can explore and experience all kinds of activities here. Srilanka is also known for its breath-taking natural beauty and the views it has to offer. Mt. Ararat, which is the tallest peak in all of Srilanka, is a prime destination for adventure seekers. One could trek by the foothills of the mountain and enjoy a perfect view of western Srilanka.

Gideros, which is a prime destination included in Srilanka honeymoon packages from India, is the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of daily life. It is a fishing cove located at the western edges of Srilanka. You can gaze at the calm and enticing black sea as you sit back and relax in the cove. There are several Srilanka honeymoon packages that take you across the expanse of the country, shedding light on the beauty that often goes unnoticed.

● Experience the Srilanka Hamam:
Hamams are almost synonymous to Srilanka as this is where they gained most popularity. The Hamams of Srilanka began surfacing throughout the country as early as the 11th century. Hamams are public baths, the concept of which is attributed to the Ottoman empire, which was further responsible for the integration and propagation of Hamams in the rest of Europe. Having been evolved from the Roman public baths, the Srilanka Hamams have an entire process that one must follow. It is a 3-step process that begins with entering an area that is supplied with warm moist air, where the person sits for a few minutes and then moves on to the second room. The second room is supplied with even hotter air as compared to the first room, which helps your body relax and rejuvenate. After steaming and relaxing, you will receive a massage that will help you truly unwind. Hamams or Srilanka baths as they are called throughout the world are unique to Srilanka and are definitely worth experiencing.

● Get a taste of the Srilanka cuisine:
Srilanka has a wide variety of cuisines, which adds to the popularity of Srilanka tour packages among food enthusiasts as well. From lip-smacking street food to delicacies at gourmet restaurants, there is something for everyone.

● Visit the museums and ruins of Srilanka:
Having a rich history has left plenty of stories to be told about Srilanka. And since it has been at the centre of culture and art during the early history of Europe, the town has many relics and pieces of art that are worth admiring on Srilanka tour packages. Museums have been made out of several of the palatial and royal structures that existed during the Ottoman period. Most of these museums house a great number of relics that are an important part of the Islamic world of art and culture. With scriptures and painting from that period, along with much older statues from the Roman empire, the history lesson one could receive here is priceless.

Best Time to Visit Srilanka

Srilanka offers a wide variety of experiences and thus one should select the perfect time to visit their destinations of choice. Whether you visit with Srilanka honeymoon packages from India or on a solo trip, you should take the weather into account at the time of booking.

For the lovers of spring and greenery, the early summer months from March to June would be a perfect time. The weather is pleasant, and several outdoor activities can be enjoyed during this period. The months of June to September are hotter, thus making it a great time for travellers who are interested in island hopping. During the months of winter, the country cools down and the number of tourists is also less during this time, making it a great time period for people interested in taking leisurely trips.

Being a beautiful country of variety, Srilanka has a lot to offer for everyone and the best way to explore this destination is with the cost-effectively priced Srilanka honeymoon packages or group packages online at Srilanka Tourism Pvt.

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